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The ability to steer your space with everyday tools, to increase the volume of your device, adjust your environment temperature and brightness, increase comfort together with the control of your consumption, is the DOMOTIC task.

SAF & P is the ideal partner able to help you for the engineering of the project and its realization.

The selection of products, valued in 20 years of experience and installations in the Home and Industry, makes the protected customer and pleased with the end result.


What benefits offers a HOME AUTOMATION system?

A home automation system coordinates all plants in the home, improves performance, reduces power consumption, making them controllable remotely.

The possibilities of integration of the implants are almost limitless: the security system, lighting, irrigation, heating, air conditioning and piped, are just a few examples among many.


The home automation systems are easy to use?

The domotic systems make simple the operations of control and supervision of the house and exterior spaces.

Anyone elderly or children, by accessing the basic functions smoothly without difficulty.

Many functions will be performed independently by the system, with a single command impart actions in sequence, the interfaces are equipped with intuitive symbols that make it easy to use.


The Saf & P is able to design and implement DOMOTIC installations for the management of:

  • Housing civilians
  • Hotel
  • Building Light
  • Urban Light
  • Consumption Control


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