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Tax credit can be obtained quickly and easily: it is not recognized as a result of the submission of a special application via telematics, but is granted automatically as a result of facilitating expenses. Taxes can be used by all companies – w

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MANIOLA – Smart Sensing srl

MANIOLA Smart sensing s.r.l. is a “Start Up Innovation Company”, born in the SMART & START project. The company, which is active since May 2014, develops specific research projects with universities, public and private companies and r

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LIFE 2017

LIFE for this 2017!

Here’s the first news from the LIFE program for this 2017! The Environment and Climate Action Program has announced the indicative planning for this year’s call, whose opening is currently scheduled for 28 April 2017 (not yet official). W

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Progettazione integrata

La Progettazione Integrata è un opportunità per il cliente,  un metodo di lavoro per il Team di progettazione che permette di   realizzare progetti con elevato livello di sostenibilità evitando o riducendo possibili extra costi. La Progettazion

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